Is Your Car Ready for Race Day?

Is Your Car Ready for Race Day?

Drive on down to Stan's for expert race prep

If you're not on track for success, bring your race car down to Stan's Auto Center! We offer race prep services for drivers in the Lafayette area. Our auto technicians offer complete services to get drivers ready for racing. Whether you need routine maintenance or a specific type of service, call our auto shop today and schedule a time for your work. We're available Monday through Friday at 337-981-5033.

One of the few proud shops offering race car services

Many shops won't perform the type of specialized services we offer at our location. If you need to get your car ready for the track, come to Stan's for:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Race car setup
  • Scaling
  • Handling

We also provide support for area racetracks. Don't wait - get your vehicle in gear with help from Stan's Auto Center. We'll make sure your car is ready to race and take down the competition. Call us today to schedule a time for speedy service.